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Do What?
A lot

Did you know wood-boring wasps have inspired the design of a flexible robotic needle, which will help reduce the risk of damage to a patient during brain surgery? Or that alpacas are being used to treat children with autism? We didn’t either. But thanks to our new campaign for the NSPCA, you can learn about all the amazing things animals do for us humans. Just send ANY emoji to @NSPCA_SA on Twitter using #AnimalsDoWhat and they’ll send you a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping fact back. And with 3147 emojis to choose from, the challenge is on! We also rolled out various other elements to support this campaign including print ads, radio ads, digital billboards, a Snapchat lens and an animal-inspired playlist on Spotify. Speaking of rolling, did you know that the way a pangolin rolls up into a ball has inspired the design of a bicycle helmet that retracts around the user’s neck when not in use?