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Your name
is not
a mistake

It’s absurd that, in a country as diverse as ours, our tech continues to fails us. So together with Nando’s, we’re getting rid of the red line under your name.

With #rightmyname, all South Africans can add their name to a dictionary, and get rid of the red line beneath their name and the names of all friends and family too. And so far, we have over 70 000 names to the list. And don’t worry if you haven’t yet added your name to the list. You can still add yours.

We’ve also collaborated with the Sunday Times in a first that initially had SA seeing red. That’s because the editor has underlined every non-traditional English name, on the first few pages, in red. Just like spellcheck does every day to millions of South Africans whose names aren’t spellcheck friendly.

To amply our campaign even more, we’ve teamed up with influencers such as Ming-Cheau and Qhama, dropping a specially made t-shirt inviting them to join us in fixing our sh*t.

So make sure you download the dictionary, as we say voetsek to spellcheck!