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See Nedbank ATMs in a new light

There’s only one place disused ATMs go – into landfill. As the green and caring bank, Nedbank wanted to make a difference in line with the 2016 Design Indaba conference theme; the wonder of ideas.

Delegates were asked to submit ideas to repurpose decommissioned ATMs to serve communities in need, with a chance to win a 2-week work experience at Google Creative Lab.

For some inspiration, a team of engineers transformed a decommissioned ATM for a different purpose. Over the course of three days, it was transformed into a community movie projector, an arcade game and a mobile breathalyzer unit. Users could blow to receive a free Uber voucher if they were over the limit.

It goes to show that when you set your creativity free, you can unlock a wealth of good – and a world of endless possibilities.