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Digital-first identity
for a digital-first

After 25 years, Mweb decided it was time for their brand identity to reflect their digital prowess. We wanted to keep the dynamic feel of the iconic logo but bring it (and how Mweb communicates) into the digital realm. The new logo takes a bold approach with a friendly all lower case wordmark - simplified to work across all platforms and at all resolutions. The breaks in the type add dynamism and movement to the logo that guides the eye. The full stop in the logomark comes to represent "" and the usefulness of the web.

Everything about this identity design shift needed to feel digital. From the logo-mark to the treatment of the headlines, through to the use of iconography. User interface design and motion graphic design were the inspiration for the identity. Looking at the way an animated headline or microanimation icon could create an eye-catching layout and break up often layered messaging, allowed us to create a design system that could punch through the cluttered digital landscape and deliver short powerful messages in a fun, and more importantly, quick way.

Adaptable, agile & inspired by the internet
Mweb made staying at home a whole lot better