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The Street

In just seven years of the first Street Store taking place, our little idea has become very, very big. Since 14 January 2014, over 900 Street Stores have popped up globally. But where did it all begin?

Well, we needed to create awareness and bring in donations for our client, The Haven Night Shelter, with a budget of R5,000. So we created The Street Store – the world’s first rent-free, premises-free, free “pop-up clothing store” for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. Since homelessness is universal, we went open source, making the Street Store artwork available online where thousands of people have downloaded our posters.

Within two days of calling for donations, we trended nationally on social media, were covered by prominent blog posts, websites, TV and radio stations. Bono’s One Organisation, Huffington Post, Trendhunter, Good, Fast Company, Upworthy and thousands more shared our story – generating PR in excess of R41million.

In the same year it was founded, The Street Store was awarded a prestigious Gold Lion in the Design category at the Cannes Lions Festival.

In 2019 as a way to ensure ongoing clothing donations throughout the year, M&C SAATCHI ABEL partnered with hotel group Home Suite Hotels, where a hanger in each room of the hotel is specially dedicated to The Street Store. Travelers are encouraged to bring with them and leave behind a piece of clothing to donate, which would then be used for future Street Stores.

And in 2020, The Street Store was named a finalist in the Best World Changing Idea EMEA Region and Creativity categories in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2020 global awards as well as received an honourable mention in the Advertising, Spaces, Places, and Cities, Corporate Social Responsibility, and General Excellence categories.

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