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The IZIKO Natural History Museum approached us with a problem: they had a tiny communications budget, they were competing for attention with cinemas, arcades, theme parks and malls, and they were slowly being forgotten. We created a low-cost, innovative invitation that would capture children’s imaginations and get them excited to visit the museum. We took one of South Africa’s best known and best loved treats – Baker’s Zoo Biscuits – and adapted them create our own Fossil Biscuits. There’s a ritual to eating Zoo Biscuits. First you lick off the white icing animal on top, then you get down to the colourful icing and the biscuit below. Our Fossil Biscuits arrived without a white icing animal on top and with the instruction to lick through the colourful icing. When the children did they uncovered the skeleton of an African dinosaur – a dinosaur they were invited to visit at the museum the next day. Over 80 % of the kids who received the invitation came to the museum, and within just 2 weeks over 10 precent of those children came back again - this time, with friends and family.

Fossil Biscuits

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